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About DamnSam


“My fine craftsmanship, your finer confidence.” ™

Brand Ambassador of Kamisori Shears Japan.

My name is Sam Torres. I am also known as “damnsam” or “The Hair Lord“. I am a hair artisan and have always been passionate in my craft since fourth grade. I take pride in my work and I am very professional. “Attention to detail” is something I live by and apply it to my life daily as well as my craft. My goal is to ensure that I help every person achieve their potential for beauty, peace, and well-being. I believe I can make a difference in this world not only by cutting hair but by helping people grow inside, out. My mission is to create my vision for the world to see, to motivate and to inspire people. I am a creator. I am a leader. I am a believer. I am different. I am damnsam.



Damnsam is taking contemporary sophistication to new heights.

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The Finer Haircuts in Life™ @The Twelve Hairstudio

Look, feel and be your BEST. Everytime. Do yourself a favor and INVEST IN YOURSELF. Perception is everything.
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Internationally known for his signature cut “Judas Cross Cut”

Trended in 2015

This haircut design was from his Judas “Cross” Cut collection in 2015. The design [top picture] was called “2552 Judas Cut” because you can see the numbers 25 and 52 repeated into the cross design. Damnsam originally submitted this “haircut design” into a contest and it went viral. The picture above was another simple but edgy Judas Cut by damnsam.

These designs became a hot trend and influenced many professionals in the hair industry. These are the few pictures that originally started the cross design today. #judascut

Click “Learn More” to see more designs from his Judas “Cross” Cut Collection.

Photographer: William Blane

Hair model: Calvin Roldan

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